In the world of investment and trading, risks are unavoidable. A cautious trader would clearly review the broker before committing to any financial activity. Hence, regulated brokers are often the choice trading option for most investors and traders. However, Porter Finance is increasingly becoming a favorite for binary trading, despite the absence of any official regulation.

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Porter Finance is a London-based binary trading platform that came into much prominence in 2014. Initially a SpotOption broker, the company later switched to the PandaTS platform to enhance the trading experience of their users. The company has since been increasingly known for putting their customers first, a feat most regulated brokers fail to achieve. What attract customers to this platform are the low limits for minimum investments ($200) and the various bonuses offered at any level. The company also has around 200 listed assets in commodities, currencies, stocks and indices. Anything from cards and e-transfers to wire transfers can be used on the platform; in the case of large amounts, however, only wire transfers are permitted. The user-friendly terms of the firm has garnered enough trust to propel Porter Finance to the top of the list of popular binary trading brokers. Let us understand the Porter Finance regulations for trading, as spelt out in their Terms and Conditions here.

Regulations are often synonymous with restrictions, and more so in the financial world due to the massive risks involved. They are an important criteria for traders; the official license offers a certain amount of reliability and guarantee. Moreover, most traders look for a license to avoid scams. Nonetheless, in an attempt to control their operations, regulatory bodies restrict brokers from operating in certain regions. If you are a US resident, for instance, chances are that you’ve encountered restrictions on almost every other broker platform you’ve tried. But not Porter Finance. Why?CFTC

Porter Finance is simply not regulated. The lack of any governing body restricting their services allows Porter Finance to offer their services universally, unless laws of individual countries limit client activities. Does this mean they are running a scam? The company has strict terms of services and a quick and effective customer care division that will convince you otherwise. They even offer extensive training and demo accounts for beginners. You won’t find scams wasting their time and resources on overly caring about their customers. So, we can conclude that the firm is indeed legit.

Despite the lack of an official regulatory seal, the rules are ideally crafted to neither overly deny nor completely allow anyone and everyone to use their platform. Porter Finance showcases a thorough understanding of trading regulations and laws that lets them offer a superior trading experience when compared to their competitors. This is highlighted by their acceptance of US- based clients, who are normally rejected by regulated brokers, citing the CFTC laws of their country. The US CFTC laws limit US citizens from trading in commodities and currencies alone. The option to trade in stocks and indices is however open which is recognized by Porter Finance. In short, the firm does know their stuff.

BinaryOptionRobot Demo Account

There are different types of online brokers that you get access to. One of them is the binary option robot broker that offers you different features that will enable you to meet your financial goals. One of the best features that you will get to enjoy is the demo account.

What is a Demo Account?

binaryoptionrobotA demo account is an account that has been set up by the broker to help you in mastering the different strategies of succeeding in online trading. You will be able to trade online without the risk of losing money when you are trading. As a beginner, you will need all the help that you can get to understand how to trade. The features of the demo account are usually the same as the real account only that you will not be using real money. When you trade using this account the money will still reflect on the live trading market.

The demo account will help you to understand that the different dynamics of the account. Once you learn how to use the account, you can now begin using real money to trade. While most people may be skeptical about the account, if you want to succeed in the business you need to have the account. One thing that you need to know is that real trading is tough and without the necessary skills, you will lose a lot of money. The demo account is free on this site. You can read more about the demo account here.

How do They Work?

As mentioned above, the demo account works like the real accounts. The only difference is that you will be using virtual money. The auto trading software will enable you to learn the different strategies of trading. The trading will be happening in real time- you will just not be making profits or any losses. You need to use the account as long as you can master the skills. But at some point you will have to trade online- you should not take too long to start trading online.

how it works

For you to get started you will have to create an account. The process is quite simple. You can create an account through the official website. You will be required to provide your personal details. The next step will be for you to deposit the initial amount. Once you have opened the account, you will have to choose the account that you want. If you are done with the demo account, you can choose either the standard or the VIP account. Both of the accounts have different features.

Once you create an account you will be able to enjoy great returns as the software is highly profitable. It is also a great reputation and it is one of the approved online brokers. These accounts are suitable for all persons including the beginners and experienced traders. You do not to download the software, but you will need a steady internet access for you to be able to access the platform.


amissio formula results

Amissio formula is an auto pilot strategy for binary option trading which require no prior knowledge, degree or skill. When it comes to binary option trading, there are two possibilities in the outcome of a pay-out; either a fixed monetary amount or not a thing. Thus it can be of two types; cash-or-nil or asset-or-nil.

Amissio formula is web based computer software that is utilized to put orders for financial services or products along a trading platform with a monetary mediator. The financial services can be cash currency, bonds, items or assets. The monetary mediators comprises of stock exchanges, banks or brokers. The binary option trading system has the advantage of being accessible through the internet from any part around the world.

Being a distinctive binary option trading robot, Amissio formula is devised for all ages around the globe to make a huge sum of money using binary options. It is quite easy and simple auto pilot software. Amissio formula software is instilled with the best financial strategies through a perfect trading algorithm. It provides the investors and traders an in-depth examination of the market situation to cleverly predict their next move. Amissio formula software program has a success rate of about 80% in suggesting the perfect trades for you with an amazing accuracy. It is fully auto pilot software and assists you in earning a huge amount of gain from each trade.

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Amissio formula is designed to be the most innovative and authentic software on the market these days. This incredible software does not rely on any professional degree, prior knowledge or sophisticated skills. It is completely automated and help in generating huge amount of gains from your trades.

Some of the incredible features of Amissio Formula are:

  • Amissio Formula does not cost any money for signing up.
  • By signing up, you are referred to a specified binary option broker.
  • Your account is being set up once you are referred to the binary option broker and an initial deposit amount of minimum $200 is requested.
  • The broker which is assigned to you is a regulated binary option broker and has been issued a license by the regulatory bodies.
  • This means that the assigned binary option broker is under the supervision of financial authorities to ensure safe and sound transactions.
  • Amissio Formula works all around the globe and is accessible by anyone with an internet service.
  • Amissio Formula is based online and the download of the Amissio Formula binary trading software app is free of cost.
  • It works in collaboration with legitimate brokers and networks.
  • Amissio Formula offers gain of up to $25,000 in a period of 3 months.


  • It enhances the probability of making financial gains by opting for binary options.
  • Amissio Formula functions on a secret trading algorithm which is integrated with the successful corporate plans in the market.
  • It features real time updates of the market events.


By offering the auto-pilot as well as the manual mode of operation, Amissio Formula demo account becomes very easily understandable and convenient for the investors and traders. In short, Amissio Formula is a very helpful tool for maximum profit with minimum loss.

24Option Bonuses & Promotions

24option pic

24option is the trading platform which is best platform for the beginners and the professional traders. It acts as the broker which has many services to provide to the traders. The popularity of 24option has created huge number of brokers which can help you and provide you with the different binary options. There are some brokers that are good and some are not so good. The subjective things are there which differentiate a broker form another. A broker is never afraid of providing bonus but some of the bad brokers can become reluctant on providing the bonus.

What is 24option Bonus?

The famous 24options broker is never shy for providing the bonus and they show off their strength and thus they provide very high bonus like the 24option bonus which is treated as the incentive for starting trading with the binary options. The 24 option bonus is attracting thousands of users and there is something in the 24otpion promotion which is working very fast. It is found that the 24options will be providing the 100% of the amount and the deposit bonus is not important. This means that when you start trading your investment will be doubled and it is very fast. This is stated in the 24options review.

The 24option bonus which you will get is the double that you have invested. People think that there is a catch somewhere. But it is the best part of the broker. You will get the double of your money and it can be withdrawn at a later stage. This is something really interesting. There is always a minimum amount which is needed for the trading and it is necessary to be kept. There are many people who just create the account, take their bonus and run away. Thus the minimum trading volume condition is kept which makes it compulsory for everyone to trade. Visit the website for more details.

Is 24option Licensed?

Selection_007The 24option is a licensed binary option broker and it is one of the biggest brokers in the market. They have become partner of football giant Juventus which proves their power. The customers support is the best amongst all the binary option brokers. They have the dedicated experts which can provide you with the tips and tricks to improve the trading process and also to raise the profits. The trading is done on the safe platform and also the platform is very fast. People have reviewed that the platform provided by 24option is very smooth and easy to use. Moreover the platform is comfortable and enjoyable.

If you have any doubt regarding 24opyion then you should not hesitate. You should talk freely with the personal account manager which is available after the account creation. Once you open an account with 24option you will get the personal account manager and it will help you to set up the account. They are always ready to answer all your questions. You should never miss the opportunity to take the 100% bonus and double your money in just a single step. The 24option bonus and promotions are attractive.